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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

We love discovering quaint towns as a way to pass the time and meet new people. Finding a hidden gem that embodies the character of a town is just good food for the brain and soul. It's true that people are people wherever you go, and towns are the reflection of what people care about and enjoy. Each historical town is unique in character but familiar in the essentials of living. Coffee shop, bookstore, grocery, theater, drug store, pub, diner... They are all there.

"Welcome" or "City Limits" signs might tell us that we've arrived. "Park" signs may lead us to a parking lot. But where are the public restrooms, coffee shop, and park? We spend valuable daylight learning the lay of the land to find the essentials and the points of interest.

Our mission is to provide reliable, essential information about historic American towns to make it easy for you to get out of your vehicle and discover hidden gems for yourself.

We offer Blog posts (, Instagram posts (@lightplayllc), photos, videos, and of course maps, to introduce you to the great places we found along the way.

Light Play llc also has an online shop where you can order custom items such as refrigerator magnets or pins using your photos.

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