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And then...

Not at the beginning, not at the end, but somewhere in between. That's where we find ourselves at the end of 2020.

A business plan is deep into its third version and taking shape. With 2021 nearly here, it is the perfect time to stick a foot out and plant it firmly in the future. So here it is.

Light Play llc, my graphic design company, is diversifying into travel blogging, Instagram, and maps. Adopted out of the pedestrian map of Annapolis, MD I designed a year ago, a desire to do more with my skills, and the call of travel, Discovering MainStreet Towns (DMT) will be a passion project.

DMT Blog will share insights learned through my research on NRHP designated Historic Districts and other historic places that I discover along the way. My goal is to share my passion for preservation and America in a way that opens the door for you, the reader. To give you a path to new connections with historic towns and the people who make them charming.

The Instagram account, @LightPlayllc, will showcase photos from my travels and mash-ups with historic photographs. My maps will be pedestrian friendly and take the guess-work out of finding the essentials: parking, restroom, coffee shop, open space, book store, drug store, grocery store, ice cream shop....

I hope you find interesting, useful and shareable information here.


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